The Girl and the Lion 6-10

February 20, 2008


at one time, and to find two gardens, one summer and one winter in the same castle. Then he looked at his servant and said to him, “What good luck, to find this summer garden in this castle! It appears this garden is heated artificially at this time of year, for I see many pretty trees and flowers. I’m going to ask permission from the gardener and pick one white rose.

The servant went, and they shouted [for the gardener] in the garden, and didn’t meet anyone, so the servant picked a white rose from a rose bush, gave it to his master, and the merchant was very happy. So the two rose off on the road, happy with their rare gift.

After a little while, they saw a wild lion running behind them and roaring a terrifying roar, and gaining upon them. The lion said to the merchant, “how dare you steal that rose without permission?”

The merchant answered him by saying, “we called and tried to get permission from the gardener, but we didn’t find anyone to ask! I am so, so sorry, I didn’t know it was your garden!”

The lion said, “you’ve already taken the flower, and stolen from my garden, so I am determined to kill you.”

The merchant said, “I beg you to forgive me for this offense, and not kill me,

I’m prepared to give you whatever you want, no matter the cost.”

The lion said, “I do not want money. I’m not going to let you go alive unless you promise me a firm promise: that you’ll give me the first thing that greets you when you return home”

The merchant didn’t know what to do. He began to think before he agreed to the conditions imposed upon him by the lion, so he said to himself, “My little girl might remember to run out to welcome me when I return home, because she loves me so much. What do I do if she greets me, for she is the dearest thing I have in this life.

The servant made the issue easier for his master. Fearing for his life, he said “maybe the dog or the cat will be the first thing to greet you when you get home.”

The merchant was forced to agree to this condition, and promised to give the lion

whatever greeted him first when he arrived home. The lion agreed, his heart untame.

The merchant took the flower with him and the lion returned to his garden and the merchant went on his way until he returned to his house.

Then the youngest daughter heard the sound of her father’s voice she quickly ran to greet him, delighted by his safe return. She kissed him and welcomed him. She was the first to greet him, unluckily.

When she saw that he had brought her the flower she wanted, her joy and happiness in seeing her father increased, delighted with the rare and beautiful gift her father brought her. She didn’t know what was waiting for her as a result of this flower.

While her joy was increasing, so was her father’s sadness and grief. He started to say, “I am so sorry my dear daughter, for I bought this flower with something that isn’t worth money or jewels, the price is extremely expensive,


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