The Girl and the Lion 26-30

February 20, 2008


Then the Western Wind came, and she asked her about it, and she replied that she had not seen him on any tree. Then the Southern Wind came and the wife asked the question and she replied, “Yes, I saw the enchanted white dove, he was flying to the Red Sea, and he changed from a white bird to a lion, as he was before.” For the seven years had ended. “He is now fighting with a giant enchanted snake, who originally was an enchanted princess. She is trying to take him from you, and come between you and him in order to marry him and control him with her magic.” The poor wife was hurt, and said, “What can I do to get him away from this tyrannical princess?”

The Northern Wind answered and explained the way she could break the spell, and return him to his natural state, and take him from the tyrannical princess. She said to her, “Go to the coast

of the Red Sea, he is near there. You’ll find lots of wooden sticks. Count ten sticks, but leave them as they are, and when you arrive at the eleventh stick, cut it and take it with you. Then, hit the snake and the lion with this magic stick. The snake will be defeated and the lion will vanquish her. Then hit them both with the magic stick again and both will then return to their natural human states. The snake will return to a princess as she was, and the lion to a prince as he

was. At that moment take your husband from the princess and then go far away immediately. Go back to your country and your home. Be brave and guard against indecision, and listen to my advice and remember it.”

The poor wife thanked the Northern Wind for her advice and went to the Red Seat coast, and found everything as the wind described it. She saw wooden sticks and counted ten, then cut the eleventh. She then looked and found the the snake battling the lion between the wood. She hit both of them with the stick, and the snake was vanquished by the lion. She then hit them both a second time with the magic stick, and the snake turned back into a princess as she had been before she was enchanted, and the lion back to a prince as he had been before he was enchanted. After that the poor wife stood there at a loss, not knowing what to do. She forgot the rest of the advice that

the Northern Wind had given her.

She forgot to take her husband immediately and return to her home and country.

The princess seized this opportunity and took the prince by his arm and snatched him away. He surrendered to her and she travelled to her castle, leaving his wife alone, without thinking about her. The traitorous princess and the prince went far away, without a trace.

The unlucky wife stood there confused, not knowing what to do. She started to criticise herself for forgetting the last peice of advice, then decided to go and travel, and try to find her husband again, and get him away from the hand of the princess that kidnapped him. She became patient, and said: “Oh God, you know my situation, you have no need for my question.” She started to say, “As long as the world turns like it does, as long as the sun rises from

the East and sets in the West, despair shall not touch my heart. I shall look for my husband until I find him again, and get him away from the princess who kidnapped him, even though I took her and rescued her from magic and turned her from an ugly snake to a girl as she was before. I was waiting for her to thank me for rescuing her and returning her to beauty. She knew perfectly well I was his wife, I can’t imagine how she kidnapped him from me, taking his arm and leaving with him. He was in a state of bewilderment, and didn’t feel I was his wife, and had suffered for him for seven years, even rescuing from the magic and making him human again.

The poor wife resumed her life of travel and went from one country to another, until finally she arrived at the princess who had kidnapped her husband’s castle. The wife noticed, in front of the castle, a movement which was not


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