The Girl and the Lion 21-25

February 20, 2008

wretched times, now coming to an end. However this thought did not materialize, as there was a long distance between her and comfort. She did not see the comfort as soon as she had thought. It happened when she was traveling: she lost the white feather. This white feather was like a magical mirror, she saw in it the place in which the the tortured bird would land, and know from it where to go. With extreme misfortune she lost that precious enchanted feather, and that was bad luck. She looked around to see her white bird, but couldn’t see him. She started to look everywhere, but couldn’t see her poor husband, like when she had the white feather, and could look at it and see her husband immediately

and know where he was.

Her soul hurt terribly, and her husband the bird left her and she didn’t know where he went. She didn’t know what to do about it, so she started thinking about a solution to the problem. She made up her mind to go to the sun for help. She waited until mid-noon, when the sun was in the middle of the sky, looked up at it and said, “O Shining Sun! You light the world and everything in it! Your light is radiant everywhere! From the peak of the mountain to the bottom of the earth one sees your light! In seas and rivers one sees your effects. Have you seen anywhere in the world a white bird, he’s lost me and I’ve lost him, so now I don’t know where he is.

The Sun answered, “O loyal and patient lady! I am so sorry, but I have not seen your white bird, but I

will give you a precious gift, in admiration of your loyalty to your husband, and appreciation of your patience in your pursuit. I will give you a precious box, inside it a rare gift. But don’t open it until you’re at the end of your strength, and you feel your strength is scarce.”

The wife thanked the Sun for its gift and advice, and took the present, and went on her way until the Sun went down. The full moon appeared in the sky, and she thought to ask the Moon, and seek help

from it. She called out to it, and said, “O Moon! You light the world by night! You light fields and forests, you light the mountains and the seas and the rivers, villages, cities, and countries! Have you seen, anywhere in the world, during your rise, an enchanted white bird? He lost me and I don’t know where he is now.”

The Moon answered, “I am so sorry, I haven’t seen him anywhere I’ve been, but out of love for you, I’ll give you a precious golden egg as a present. You have gotten very tired these past seven years, and you have been faithful and true to your husband during his hardship and absence. My advice to you is not to break this egg unless you are in dire straits.”

The wife thanked the Moon, and cherished her knowledge and gift, and left her. Then she went on her way until the Northern Winds started to roll in,

and the gentle morning wind appeared, and so she appealed to them for help, saying, “O beautiful winds! You roll across every place on Earth, you blow through every tree, you go under every leaf of every tree. Have you seen anywhere, in any tree or nest, a white bird?”

The Wind answered, “My lady, I have not seen him and I am very sorry. But I will look for him, and I’ll ask the other three winds, perhaps they’ve seen him.”

While she was speaking, the Eastern Wind came up, and she asked her about it, and she replied that she had not seen him


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