The Girl and the Lion 16-20

February 20, 2008


to wander the Earth aimlessly for seven years, moving from place to place.

She said to him, “We’ll use every means so that no rays of light hit you during the party.

The sorcerer prince was reassured, and traveled with his wife to see her family and so that they may see him, and to partake in the joy, and they took their small beloved child with them.

His wife chose a large hall with thick walls for the unfortunate prince to sit in alone, after his wife closed him him, fearing that the a ray of light might touch him. She didn’t notice a small opening in the door, from which light may enter.

When the marriage party started, women and children who were guests of the party walked with candles and lamps outside the door where the sorcerer prince was confined, and a few rays of light fell upon the poor prince, and he turned into a white bird. His soul was in pain, but he persevered. When his wife came in to find him after the party finished, she found only a while bird. She screamed and began to cry and asked, “Why did this happen? I closed the door and windows, how did the light get through stone?”

She didn’t know the door had a small opening in it through which the light came in upon the poor prince.

The prince consoled her, saying “There’s no benefit in crying, you need to be patient. Don’t be sad, know that it was ruled that I

would fly seven years on the face of the Earth, roaming the world. But I will, from time to time, leave you a white feather, you’ll know from it the places I’ll head for, and the regions I’ll travel to, and you can follow me and travel to the places I do. You may find me in the end. My salvation will be by your hand if you carry this burden seven years. I advise you to leave our child with his grandmother for education, and because it will not be easy to take him with you. This sentence is upon him,

because of this punishment upon us.”

She promised him she would do as he advised and wouldn’t leave him wherever he went, and would travel wherever he did.

The unfortunate bird left the house and his wife left after him, after leaving their child with her mother. The family was extremely sad for what happened. The wife followed the bird everywhere he went, and started to roam with him. Every time he went somewhere, he’d leave her a white feather so she could know where he went. She followed him in his journeys and travels seven long years and she didn’t feel any comfort during this time, nor did she leave him for a moment, so that he wouldn’t be separated from her. She was a faithful and loyal wife.

The days passed, and the seven years came close to their end, and happiness started to come into the heart of the poor wife, and she started to forget the


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