The Girl and the Lion 11-15

February 20, 2008

and I cannot pay it. You don’t know what it is.”

She asked him, “why do I see you sad, Father? What is the price you want?”

He answered her, “I’m sad for you, scared for your life. I promised a ferocious lion that I would give him the first thing that greeted me when I got home. That is the price of this flower. I fear he will eat you if he sees you.” He then told her everything that had happened, and he was determined that she not go, to [not] let happen what would happen.

She made the issue easier for him, saying, “calm down, Father, don’t be sad at all, and don’t fear for me. I’m calm, and good sense and good thinking will overcome this. Harm won’t touch me. You can keep your promise and let me go. Don’t worry about me, I’ll get the better of this, and make him let me come home safe to you, God Willing.

Her father was surprised by her thinking, cleverness, and agreement to fulfill his promise. He let her go, and put the matter in God’s hands.

The next morning, she said goodbye to her father and asked him the way to go, and got ready. She left her family and went out, her heart full of bravery and courage.

The lion was a sorcerer prince and would change himself and the men and servants around him into lions during the day, and in the evening they would become men and return to their original shapes before they were enchanted. When the girl arrived at the castle, it was late afternoon, and the sorcerer prince greeted her in the form of a lion, and greeted her with politeness and respect. He started talking like a human would, and told her his life story. He then informed her that she was to be married, and she was pleased. At the very moment she agreed, the effects of the magic ended,

and the prince returned to his natural human form. After a few days, there was a marriage party at the enchanted castle, and the newlyweds lived a happy life.

The prince continued to leave his spouse every morning, and be absent during the day, then return in the evening with his men, and his wife would greet him with all kindness.

One night he said to her, “Tomorrow your big sister is getting married,

and they’ll celebrate the wedding with a great celebration at your father’s house. So if you want to go see your family and partake in the joy, it’s alright by me.”

The prince’s wife thanked him for his noble feelings, and then became very happy with this joyous news, and saw this as a chance to see her father and her family. She had been cut off from news of her family since she left, and everyone thought she was dead and the lion had torn her apart the day he saw her.

The sorcerer prince’s wife left for her trip, and her family relatives and friends welcomed her arrival with great joy. She reassured them, saying, “Don’t be afraid.”

She then told them her story and the story of her husband, and that she was extremely happy, and that her joy was now doubled: her joy, and the joy for her sister. She stayed until the end of the wedding party, then

asked permission from her father to return to her husband, and bid her family farewell for her journey. Her father gave her permission, everyone bid her farewell, and she returned to the castle.

The sorcerer prince was very happy when happy upon his wife’s return, and gave her a hearty welcome. After a short time, they had a beautiful baby, and he was the joy of their lives.

One day, the prince and his wife received an invitation to the wedding of the second sister. She said to her husband, “This time I’m not going alone. Please come with me to see my whole family and participate in the joy together.”

He said to her, “I would love to go with you, and not be away from you, but my going there would be very dangerous. If any rays of light touch me during the party, my situation will turn bad, and my form will change, and I will become a white bird, like a dove. I will be forced


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