The Girl and the Lion 1-5

February 20, 2008


The Girl and the Lion

One day, a merchant wanted to travel to buy merchandise he needed for his business. He brought together his three daughters before his trip to ask each one what gift she would like him to bring her when he returns from his trip.

The oldest said, “Father, please bring me a necklace of precious pearls.” The middle one said, “Father please buy me a gold watch with a beautiful band.” The youngest said, “dear father, please

bring me a while rose.”
She wanted it not to cost her father a thing, and not to burden him with her request, like those of her two older sisters.

She had, at all times, great taste, and was a lover of flowers of all types. She didn’t notice that it was winter time, and the weather was intensely cold, and there was snow everywhere, layers of snow on the trees, and the lakes were frozen. It wasn’t easy to get a white rose at that time of the year. There were no planes at that time to take flowers from warm areas to cold ones, as happens now.

There also no greenhouses, warmed with generated heat in which to grow flowers and trees in cold countries, as happens

today. She didn’t know that the flower she asked for would be the cause of much sadness for her and her father in the future.

The youngest daughter was the most beautiful of the three, and the most emotionally sensitive. Her father had already firmly decided to take pains in order to get the flower his daughter had asked for.

The merchant kissed his wife and three daughters, they kissed him and then they bid each other farewell. He took a personal servant with him on his trip. The merchant then went on his journey

to buy merchandise from another country.

After he had purchased the merchandise he needed, he thought of returning to his country and his house, and so he bought the oldest daughter the gift she had wanted, and he got the middle daughter the watch she liked, and started looking in every garden for a rose for
his beloved daughter, but didn’t find one.

He continued to repeat the question and kept looking while he was returning from his trip, whenever he would see a garden, hoping he would find the flower his daughter had wanted. People were surprised by his strange question, and answered him saying, “do you think the flower will appear in snow, with intensely cold weather, when the temperature has dropped below zero?” The merchant was hurt whenever he heard this rational answer, and rational assumption. His sadness increased

because he couldn’t realize the desire of his youngest daughter, for it was a simple desire, with no cost during warm seasons when there were many flowers.

Her father continued traveling on his path, his mind troubled, worrying because of the rose he had wished to find to bring to his daughter, until he saw a big castle, surrounded by a strange garden. It was vast, and split into two parts. In the first section, one would find the weather warm, like the summer, with green leafy trees and see many beautiful flowers, of many different types. In the second section, one would find white trees, covered in a layer of snow and without leaves, and see no trace of flowers. The weather there was winter weather, where water freezes and snow falls.

The merchant was surprised by this strange view, and to find two different climates


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