The Purpose of the Creation of Humanity 2

November 10, 2007


Worship is servility to God, praised and exalted, and love and veneration in doing his commands, and avoiding that which he has prohibited, and thus following the laws he defined. God, Most High, said: “And they have been commanded no more than this: To worship Allah” [Al-Bayina, 5], and this is the wisdom with which he created the Jinn and the human. Therefore anyone who disobeys his Lord, and considers himself above His worship has parted with this wisdom for which the worshiper was created, and his action testifies to the fact that God Almighty created his creation unknowing and in suda [neglected without being punished or rewarded for the obligatory duties enjoined by God on him]. He may not have stated that [he has disobeyed], but this is a result of his disobedience and arrogance in regard to God’s commandments.

Taken from Fiqh al-Aqeeda “Jurisprudence of Belief” by Sheikh Muhammad bin Saalih Al-Authaymin, Dar al-Baseera, Alexandria. Translated by Josh Berer


تعظيم – Glorification, exaltation

تمرد – To rebel against, to disobey

استكبر – To be arrogant

نابذ – To part with, to separate from

عبث – Without benefit, without knowing

سدى – A state in which one has neglected the obligatory duties enjoined by God on him but is not punished or rewarded, for he was never told about them.



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