The Multicolored Lizard 1

October 30, 2007


A long time ago, the animals in the forest got together to choose a king to sit on his throne, and rule fairly. After some discussion, they chose the lion and put the crown on his head, and that was because he was brave and strong and pure. But the pig had wanted to be king, and did not agree, so got upset and angry.

Vocabulary and Translation Notes

غابة – Forest

عرش – Throne

عدل – Fair

مشاورة – Discussion

تاج – Crown

صريح – Pure, honest

خنزير – Pig

طمع – To covet, to wish, to desire

ثار – Stir up, excite

Translation Notes

يجلس على عرشها – In this case, since “king” is masculine, the –ha at the end of 3arsh must refer to the animals, since they are not human they take the feminine singular.


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