Shams Saghira 2

October 27, 2007


to imagine people, open-mouthed and and waving their hands,
cheering and applauding him. He laughed a while, then tipped his fez to the rear a bit, and continued happily singing.

“Miskiin, wa haali ‘Adam.”

He was wearing grey trousers, tied around his waist by and old yellow belt. When he arrived under an old stone archwayto the point where the shadow outweighed the light, he was surprised to see a small black sheep, standing close to the wall.

He opened his mouth in surprise, and said to himself, “I’m not drunk. Look well, old boy. What do you see? It’s a sheep! But where’s its owner?”

He looked around but found no one; the alley was completely deserted. He then encircled the sheep and said to himself, “Am I drunk?”

He laughed a faint chuckle and then said, “God is generous! He knew…


Trousers, (both س and ش are possible) – شروال/سروال

Waving their Hands يلوحون بيديهم

To adjust, move back أمال

Stone arch, aqueduct – قنطرة

To cling to – لصق

Deserted مقفرا

Faint, light – خافتة

Surprise –بوغت


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